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Our "Property To Go"website acts as a host website for selected Agencies that embrace our marketing philosophy and join our team and therefore become "Property To Go" members.The properties that they, the agency and their vendors choose to promote become participants in our program and therefore benefit from our strategies and are featured on our website and in our other unique and new marketing strategies.

“Property To Go” is an International Marketing concept for Real Estate Agencies to introduce and sell to their clients (property vendors) as part of the Vendors commitment to advertising and marketing their property. The vendors then partake of the elements of the program via a contract with their agency for the marketing of their property.

The program elements are designed to attract Home buyers from the local area in which the Agency operates and in which the vendor’s property for sale is located.

Statistics right across Australia prove that 70% of buyers reside within 10km’s of the property that is for sale.
Our "Property To Go" marketing philosophy is based on targeting this huge market percentage that are potential buyers for our member Agency's clients property.

“Property To Go”(Australia) Pty Ltd has worked with the principal of the Worldwide Licensing company to secure a licence for Australia and has streamlined the concept to suit the Australian market conditions.

The introduction of this program is perfectly timed to allow vendors to take advantage of the improving Real Estate market conditions whilst also affording them the benefit from the exciting new innovative elements that form part of the “Property To Go” Marketing campaign.

Our local testing of the program’s elements has proven its suitability to the Australian Market and we know it will be sort after by both agents and sellers that are serious in marketing their property in a sensible and affordable way.

We look forward to bringing this concept to both member Agencies and to their clients and feel certain that all will appreciate the accruing benefits as you participate in the introduction of this new service.

Your property, when for sale as part of our marketing program, will be promoted as a feature property with greater exposure and presence on our website and throughout all of the media that we use … go to About Us to learn more.


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